Are Competitive Festivals Excellent for Amateur Drama?

Many questions have been asked on why people are criticised for what they love doing. The answer is simple; by receiving help and constructive criticism, there is a possibility of individuals improving their skills immensely. In turn, their audience will appreciate what they do.

Here is what you should know

Drama festivals are carried out all over the United Kingdom and provide full length or one play act depending on what suits the audience best. There is also quite a number of genres so that the spectators can enjoy each moment. The prices are pocket-friendly considering the variety of plays that are showcased in different genres.

The time of the festivals vary, as they can be a day, week long, or even just for a weekend. All in all, people always have something to look forward to. The National Drama Festival Association (NDFA) and All England Theatre Festivals (AEFT) are similar across Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

The AEFT is a competition where the best meet the winners from Scotland and Ireland in the British final. They are held annually in different venues. The winner of the NDFA festival is chosen to appear in a week of all winners. The standard expectations of both the finals are usually of superior-quality.

What is necessary for the festivals to be top-notch? A committee that works tirelessly and good organization is mandatory for the event to be enjoyable. More groups interested in joining these festivals are coming up and normally they are chosen from the scripts available or their members pen them. There are thousands of available plays online to suit each individual.

Finally, the presence of an adjudicator is mandatory. The team of judges decides on who qualifies to go to the next stage. They mark competing teams for acting, direction, overall dramatic achievement, and presentation. The Guild (GoDA) has set the marking procedures. They provide either written or spoken adjudication.

New plays are being watched yearly, giving individuals the opportunities of winning playwriting. Teams no want ideas that are new and exciting including experimental and physical theatre. Festivals can never get better as they are the avenue to try out new talent like singing, acting, directing and playing. The circuit of plays can be both challenging and exciting while at the same time presenting their audience with traditional and new experiences.

Always seek out a festival near you and see what the talented players have to offer.