You Can Now Book Acting Lessons with an Adult Twist

Have you ever dreamed of starring on stage? Maybe you have ambitions of appearing on TV or in movies? It’s easy to see why many would love to become a successful actor but to do so, you must first learn to act. Being able to act well is not necessarily an easy thing. For some people, it can take a lot of work to get it right, and this can be off-putting. Lessons can be costly and boring, but an escort with is offering lessons that will really grab your attention.

A Talented Actress

Beth has been a London escort for nearly 10 years, but she also has an interesting side hobby. Whenever she gets the chance, Beth takes part in local amateur dramatics performances. Beth will gladly help others to learn to act, and she is a talented actress herself.

Beth says that she has always loved to act ever since she was young. “I didn’t make it as a professional but I still take part in performances when I can”. “Teaching is something I am quite good at though”, she added. “I was thinking one night how I’m unlucky to not make money from doing something I love, and then it came to me”, she added. “Why not combine acting with my escorting job?”. “I started offering lessons combined with my escorting services”, she added. “Demand was OK to start with and it has taken off from there”

Learning with an Adult Theme

“I doubt there’s many acting schools that offer acting lessons with an adult twist as I do”, said Beth. “It is certainly one we to keep my students’ attention, my classes are certainly not boring”, she smiled. “My clients often book for more lessons so they seem to be enjoying it”. “Whether or not they are really here for the acting lessons or for the saucy extras I provide I don’t know”, said Beth. “As long as business is going well then that’s fine with me”.

Professional Opportunities

Some professional acting schools have approached Beth so she can heal them to deal with intimate scenes during performances and filming.

“It’s important to help make actors feel comfortable with what they’re doing”, she said. “Intimacy in front of an audience or cameras can make some people feel uncomfortable”. I help people with that”, she added. “It can be extremely useful for actors, and also a lot of fun”, she concluded.